Race Officer: Marcus Boehlich (SVAOe)
Race Officer 12mR: Hubert Miehe (DZYC)
Jury: NN

In case of any contradiction the German version of this sailing instruction is valid.

1. Courses, Start and Finish

Please refer to complementary sailing instructions and skippers meeting.

2. Rules

The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in the Racing Rules ISAF (WR). Additionally the regulations of DSV, the „Ordnungsvorschriften Regattasegeln” of DSV, as well as the mentioned complementary regulations of the „Freundeskreis Klassische Yachten“ are valid.
Participants have to consider government laws, in particular as against third vessels and commercial ships!

3. Classification of Yachts
Classification in Groups will be done by the organizer upon receipt of the entry forms.

Starting groups and starting sequence will be notified during the skippers meeting.
In the case of postponement of start please take care on the different starting time for the individual groups.
Yachts are required to display a burgee with start numbers in the aft stay.

4. Starting Numbers
Each boat will receive a starting number at the race office.  This number has to be displaced on starboard side of the boat. Preferably the number should be placed at the sea rail or the cabin side, but never on the cabin top.  Yachts without starting number could not be scored.

5. Starting Procedure
Notification: Every participating boat must show her starting number at starboard side before the first notification signal. This must be done by passing the start boat on her starboard side on port bug.

Starting sequence on Friday is 5 minutes.
Starting sequence on Saturday is 10 minutes (Attention!)
Boats that are not called for start have to avoid the starting area; that means start mark and line as well as the starting boat.

6. Start before the Start Signal
A start before the start signal could be relieved by a new start. The repeating boat must be completely clear of other boats. During the repetition of the start one of the start marks (start boat or start mark) has to be rounded. The boat, repeating the start has to exit the starting area at its side. Not following this regulations as well as start in the wrong starting group will be followed by disqualification.

7. Pardoning/ Penalty
A boat breaking any rule of WR Part 2 may take a penalty. Deviating from Rule 44.1 she may do a One-Turn - Penalties including tack and jibe.

In the case of touching a mark the boat may do a One-Turn - Penalties including tack and jibe.

8. Shortening or Abandoning after the Start

The race committee may shorten the course or abandon the race; this will be displayed by signals in accordance with the Racing Rules (WR). The race committee may shorten the course without earlier announcement on every course mark. In the case of foul weather the immediate abandoning will be signaled by three shoots (flash/bang).
In the case of abandoning of an individual boat based on skipper’s decision this must be signaled by showing the nationality flag. The boat is not allowed to cross the finish line. The race committee has to be informed immediately.

9. Protests

A boat intending to protest must inform the race committee by showing the red flag when passing the finish line. A boat intending to protest must inform the other boat immediately after the incident.
Time limit for the delivery of the written protest to the race office is 60 minutes after the finish time.

10. Radio Communication
General radio communication and call channel: VHF, channel 77.

11. Liability and Safety
The skipper is responsible for the qualification and the correct nautical conduct of the crew as well as for the suitability, seaworthiness and the safe condition of the registered boat – the organizer and/ or the race committee assume no liability for any kind of damages or accidents and for any consequences. 

12. Scoring
All boats will get a compensating factor, calculated by a formula, based on length over all, length in waterline, width, depth, displacement and sailing area. This compensation factor „Klassiker-Rennwert” KLR will be used for all races. Protest against this compensating factor is not permissible. In case of questions, lack of clarity or any missing information the race committee is to be informed in due time before the first start.

13. Prizes
On Friday two short races will be scored by applying the Low Point System in the individual group: 1 Point for the 1th place, 2 points for the 2nd place and so on.

The Saturday race will be scored separately.
Point prizes will be awarded as well as several special prizes.

14. Changes to this Sailing Instructions
Changes to this sailing instructions will be published on the „Notice Board” located at the race office.

Complementary Sailing Instruction for the Races of the 12 mR Yachts on Friday
Complementary Sailing Instruction for the Races of the 12 mR Yachts on Saturday