German Classics and 12mR Cup

Complementary Sailing Instruction for long distance Race on Saturday

The start and finish line is formed by the starting boat and an orange spar buoy on the west side of the main navigation water on the altitude of Laboe
Start is upwind. Therefore additional windward marks may be placed to enter the main course safely; details will be notified during the skippers meeting. The course is displayed on the start boat.

Start for 12mR Cup is approximately at 11:30.
1st start German Classics is approximately at 11:40.

The interval of the starts on Saturday is 10 minutes (refer to general sailing instruction)!


Course 1:
Start- K1 (Bb.) - StG.Süd (Stb.) - K2 (Stb.) - TI (HeuIT.)(Stb.) - KlB.Ost (Stb.) - K1 (Stb.) - StG.Süd (Stb.) - K2 (Stb.) - T1 (HeulT.)(Stb.) - KlB.Ost (Stb.) - T3 (Bb.) - T5 (Stb.) - Finish

Course 2:
Start- K1 (Bb.) - StG.Süd (Stb.) - K2 (Stb.) - T1 (HeulT.)(Stb.) - KlB.Ost (Stb.) - T3 (Bb.) - T5 (Stb.) - Finish

Course 3:
Start - K1 (Stb.) - T1 (HeulT.)(Stb.) - KlB.Ost (Stb.) - K1 (Stb.) - T1 (HeulT.)(Stb.) - KlB.Ost (Stb.) - T3 (Bb.) - T5 (Stb.) - Finish

Course 4:
Start - K1 (Stb.) - T1 (HeulT.)(Stb.) - KlB.Ost (Stb) - T3 (Bb.) - T5 (Stb.) - Finish

Course 5:
Start - R1 (Bb) - R2 (Stb) - R3 (Stb) - R1 (Stb) - T5 (Stb) - Finish
Bei den Regattatonnen R1 bis R3 handelt es sich um kleine weiße Tonnen mit Werbebeschriftung sowie einem kleinen weißen Wimpel auf dem Top.
Die Tonnenpositionen werden bei kurzfristigen Veränderungen auf der Skipperbesprechung neu angesagt.
R1: 54° 26',589" N / 10° 12',487" E

R2: 54° 25',708" N /10° 11',3,16" E
R3: 54° 26',502" N /10° 11',305" E

(Bb) indicates that the marks have to be passed with the port side of the boat, (Stb) that the marks have to be passed with the starboard side of the boat.

Windward marks:
The race committee can lay out a windward mark system consisting of two tons. These marks have to be passed before the first course mark.
It is signaled on the starting boat on which side of the pair of marks is to leave.
Green Flag = on Starboard side;
Red Flag = on Portside.
If neither red nor green is shown, there are no windward marks; the first course mark is directly accessible.
The passage between the windward marks is off-limits.

Shortening the course:
Usually a shorting the course means a change to the next smaller course. (From 1 to 2, from 2 to 3, ...) and for the jolly boats from course no 4 to course no 5. Course no 5 will not be shortened! Shortening the courses are notified during the skippers meeting and/or displayed on the start boat before the start of the related group. Mandatory is the displayed course no. on the start boat.

Passing the finish line: each skipper is obligated to notice the finish time of his boat. This time has to be submitted to the race committee on request.

Time limit:
Time limit is: 18.00. Boats, which are on the course at that time, will be score as dnf.

In case of any contradiction the German version of this sailing instruction is valid.