GERMAN CLASSICS / Laboe 22- 25 August 2013

25. Klassiker Regatten Laboe

Short races on friday and the traditional long distance race on saturday provide a sportive frame, culinary delights tease the palate, maritime art from the view point of modern artists fascinate the eye, and the "Restoration Prize" is a reward for skill. A variety of live music on the festivity grounds will make sure of getting everyone into a good mood.
As a special we offer in 2013 a special race for 12 feet dinghies on Friday as a part of the 12 Feet Dinghy - International Friendship Serie – and on Saturday a series of Up and Downs for 6mR and 12mR Yachts (for groups of at least 5 boats per class)
We look forward to seeing you in Laboe!
Freundeskreis Klassische Yachten

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